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Welcome to The Move

We started JesusBeat.com so that we could connect people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to encourage all of His followers to join a Bible believing community. We want to see Jesus lifted high! This blog, The Move, is a place where you can find inspiration that comes straight from the heart of God through people who love Him dearly and are called by His name. We have contributors from all over the world eager to share what the Lord has placed in their hearts. We hope you will find that every nation, tribe and tongue has their own customs, but Jesus Christ is the same everywhere! We are using this platform to show you how God is moving among the nations and in the hearts of men, women and children everywhere.

How Does Jesus See You? (part 2)

Why do we so often react like Adam and Eve and hide from God? Why does it kill us to admit we were wrong? There’s obviously a measure of pride (our ego takes a beating then), but we also fail to understand God’s intent in the matter. Our perception of Him is false or distorted, we compare Him to people,

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Change of Heart

One of the founders of Jesusbeat.com, Julian, is originally from Enterprise, a city in Central Trinidad, West Indies. He attended Enterprise Government Primary School (EGPS), and he still has fond memories of growing up with his friends there. Unfortunately these days Enterprise is making headlines for all the wrong reasons: gangs, drugs, arms dealers, kingpins, turf wars, shootings…. Could this

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How Does Jesus See You? (part 1)

Luke 22:54-62. Please read God’s Word before my words.

Peter’s betrayal was probably his ugliest since he had started to walk with Jesus. Three times he denied the Christ he loved, overwhelmed by self-preservation and intimidation. Then he fled the scene, abandoning his friend, leader and God, and forsaking all divine plans for his future. It was catastrophic!


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Christ Took Our Punishment

“I think I am a pretty good person”

There is this idea that if we do great things, we’ll surely please God and make it into heaven.  The scripture below contradicts that, and the apostle Paul explains that we are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.

21But now God has shown us a way to be made

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